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Galeria Lidii Snitko-Pleszko
Galeria Lidii Snitko-Pleszko
I make individual portraits from real models or from photos,
caricatures, funny sketches, oil and pastel paintings.
I can also prepare advertisements, pictograms and text illustrations.

All orders must contain:
good quality photos,
short final work description (format, technique),
contact data (name, surname, sddress, phone no.),
payment conditions.

All questions and orders can be sent to:
Lidia Snitko-Pleszko
05-077 Warszawa (Wesoła)
ul. Sezamkowa 20

phone numbers:
(022) 760 86 28 or mobile 0503 624 950
via email: lisn@wp.pl

Contact: lisn@wp.pl
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